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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Whether or not you were in the mood for “change,” it’s coming… Are you ready?

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Editorial by Jim Du Molin
The country has a new President Elect, one who’s promised “change.” So what will that mean for you and your practice? Truth be told, we just don’t know what he is really all about yet. As dentists, you need to watch two areas: taxes and health care reform. Click to
continue to article…

Survey: Denture Patients’ Expectations

In our most recent survey, five out of six dentists said that denture
patients don’t have realistic expectations.
“No matter how much you
tell them how difficult it’s going to be, they still don’t get it,”
complained one dentist. Click to continue to article…

$15M for NYC Dentist Injured in Moped Crash
In 2002, cosmetic dentist Dr. Larry Ashkinazy (a self-styled “Dentist to the Stars”) was riding his moped through Manhattan when he hit a manhole cover. The doctor was just awarded $15M for the hand tremors he suffered as a result of his injuries. Click to continue to article…

Dentists Handcuffed by Marketing Restrictions
In Ireland, dentists are finally permitted to do some marketing, but they’re not to use their address.In the UK, a private dental surgery was ordered by the Advertising Standards Authority to stop referring to dentist John Stowall as “doctor.” Click to  continue to article…

Survey Video: Dentists Like Online CE

Continuing education is an essential part of every dentist’s career.
A Wealthy Dentist survey revealed that while conventional classes and seminars are still popular, more and more doctors are going online for
Internet dental continuing education. Click to watch the video…


Survey Video: Dental Associate Headaches

Dental associates can make dental practice management a lot easier… unless, of course, they betray you in some way. Unfortunately,
our survey revealed that such headaches (and heartaches) have happened to a lot of doctors. Click to watch the video…


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