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Survey: Patients’ Dental Implant QuestionsWe asked dentists what questions dental implant patients do ask — and which questions they should ask! Overall, patients’ top questions were: “How much do dental implants cost?” and “Will dental implant surgery be painful?” Click to continue to article…

Dentist Sued for Botched Breast Surgery
Yes, you did read that headline correctly! A Seattle oral surgeon with a history of malpractice suits is facing another one, this time for allegedly leaving a woman “disfigured” after he performed a breast reduction on the patient, then only 15 years old. Click to continue to article…

Australia Wants Fluoride in Bottled Water
Australia is considering a proposal to fluoridate bottled water, and the
Australian Dental Association supports it, noting that people are drinking less tap water. The proposal would not require manufacturers to add fluoride to bottled water. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: One in Four Docs Drops the ADA

When we asked dentists if political disagreements or other differences of opinion had caused them to quit the ADA or their local dental association, one quarter reported that they have. Many are disappointed in organized dentistry. Click to
watch the video…

Survey Video: Dentists Don’t Feel Wealthy

Dentists are commonly perceived as wealthy, so we asked dentists if they consider themselves to be. Two out of three dentists said no, they are not in fact rich. “My debt is high, and it is a struggle to fund my retirement goals,” said one dentist. Click to watch the video…


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