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Editorial: Is Cosmetic Dentistry Dying?
Or is it just in hibernation for the recession? As judged by searches on Google,consumer interest in cosmetic dentistry has seen a steady decline. The question is: has the dental industry exhausted the consumer demand for cosmetic treatments? Click to continue to article…

Survey: Docs Offer Patients Outside Financing

In this survey, the majority of dentists said they offer their patients
outside financing options.
“We’ve never offered inside financing,” wrote one prosthodontist. “We don’t want to deal with any problems, so we farm the financing out.” Click to continue to article…

Diagnosing Bulimia… at the Dentist’s Office
Though bulimia can be a devastating eating disorder, it often goes undiagnosed, as sufferers typically maintain a normal weight and keep the disease a secret. However, dental damage leads dentists to diagnose one-quarter of all cases. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Dental Practice Marketing Is a Pain
When dentists were asked if dental practice marketing is part of their job, many complained of what a pain dental practice marketing can be. But 95% of respondentsknow they won’t get to practice dentistry if they can’t run a successful business. Click to watch the video…

Survey Video: Most Recommend a Dental CareerTwo out of three dentists reported that they would recommend a career in dentistry to their children or grandchildren. Though many complained about the business knowledge needed today, most dentists seem happy with their profession. Click to watch the video…


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