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Happy New Year, folks! Here’s wishing you health, happiness and profit!

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Editorial: Death by Aesthetic Dentistry
Last week we drove a stake through the heart of “Aesthetic” or “Esthetic” as marketing terms to describe your style of dentistry. The remaining issue is this: are you going to refer to yourself as a “Family-Friendly” dental practice or a “General” practice? Click to continue to article…

Survey: Recommending Mini Dental Implants
Two out of three dentists report that they place dental implants themselves. Some docs love mini implants, while others don’t. “Compared to cars, regular implants are a Mercedes Benz. Mini implants are a Toyota Echo,” said an oral surgeon. Click to continue to article…

Jury Awards $200k for “Horse Teeth”
A Connecticut dentist promised his patient “a big, beautiful Hollywood smile.” She wanted to have a false tooth replaced with a fixed dental bridge, but instead the dentist extracted three teeth and gave her a large bridge apparently resembling “horse teeth.” Click to
continue to article…

Survey Video: Dental School Is Inadequate
Four out of five dentists do not think dental school graduates are prepared for the real world of dentistry, according to our survey. Only one in five dentists finds recent graduates truly ready for the financial realities of practicing dentistry. Click to watch the video…

Survey Video: Celebrity Cosmetic Dentists
We asked dentists if they think celebrity cosmetic dentists are good for the profession. Two out of three dentists say TV dentists are good for dentistry, but some feel that these docs are pushing appearance over health, and it’s not making dentists look good. Click to watch the video…


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