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News from The Wealthy Dentist
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Even Insurance Patients Are Looking Good NowA recent study finds that two-thirds of dental consumers have insurance. Dentists have two basic choices when it comes to insurance: take it or leave it. If you accept insurance, make sure you’re getting as much out of the deal as you can. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Patients Struggle for Credit Approval
Two out of three dentists told us that it’s gotten harder for patients to get credit. “Care Credit warned us that a lot more of our patients would not qualify,” said one dentist, while another mentioned, “Enhance and Wells Fargo have discontinued dental lending.” Click to continue to article…

Whitening at Kiosks? Dental Board Says No
Tennessee has had enough of mall kiosks offering tooth whitening. The state dental board just declared that only licensed dental professionals can perform teeth whitening. But at least one kiosk has stayed open anyway, saying the board has no authority. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video:Marketing Starts with Direct Mail
You’d think it would be clear to dentists that using direct mail to
get more new dental patients makes financial sense… However, when
we asked dentists if they do a regular mailing to their patient base,
half said it didn’t seem worth the effort! Click to watch the video…

Video: Dentists Say They Want To Unionize
Half of dentists are ready for the profession to unionize, according to one of our surveys. Feeling trapped by dental insurance and abandoned by the American Dental Association, many dentists are ready for a dental union. (One dentist even volunteered to organize it!) Click to
watch the video…


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