Dental Marketing Ideas – 131

News From The Wealthy Dentist #131 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist
Happy Inauguration, folks! Now, let’s hope people’s optimism has a good effect on the economy…
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Don’t Let Patients Forget You or Their Benefits
As promised, this week we’ll tell you how to attract more insurance patients to your office: just remind them of their dental benefits. Your existing patient base is a valuable resource, and it doesn’t cost much to keep in touch with them over email. Click to
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Survey: Cost of Braces
Most dentists charge around $5,000 for orthodontic treatment, but it varies. Our recent survey found that orthodontists charge an average of at least $500 more than GPs. Treatment costs the most in Canada and the Northeast, and the least in the West. Click to continue to article…

Dentist in Court for Dumping Medical Waste
Remember the dentist who admitted dumping medical waste off the New Jersey shore last summer? He allegedly dumped syringes and other medical debris from his motorboat several times, closing nearby beaches. He finally appeared in court, pleading not guilty. Click to
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Video: 4 of 5 Dentists Want Nat’l Reciprocity
The clear majority of American dentists want one universal dental license that would let them practice their profession in any of the 50 states. A minority support the current system – and many of them live in states like Florida or California. Click to watch the video…

Dentists Like Lasers for Teeth… and Faces?
Three out of four dentists who have purchased a dental laser said in our survey that they have been satisfied with it. Of those dentists who have a laser, half of them report that they offer laser facial cosmetic treatments. Click to watch the video…


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