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News from The Wealthy Dentist
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It’s a Whole New World for Health Care Marketing
These days, some dentists are offering discounts. “One consolation in this economy: Some medical costs will be cheaper,” says the Kiplinger Letter. “Orthodontic work is on sale, with many dentists offering big discounts to make up for a 20% decline in business.” Click to
continue to article…

Root Canal Referrals: Dentists vs. Endodontists
When we asked dentists if they treat root canals or refer them
out to endodontists, we saw lots of variation. Most general dentists refer out few or no cases. “Actually, I refer only the ones I don’t want to do… maybe 5-10%,” explained one doctor. Click to continue to article…

Florida Introduces “Health Access Dental License”
Florida’s governor hopes to increase access to dental care among underserved populations by allowing out-of-state dentists to perform dentistry in health access settings.So on January 1, the state introduced a health access dental license. Click to continue to article…

Ethics Keep Docs from Criticizing Colleagues
Two out of three dentists say they avoid criticizing the work of other dentists. Professional courtesy seems to override other concerns. But is it due to doctors’ ethical standards, or fear of lawyers and possible legal repercussions? Click to watch the video…

Not All Toothpastes Are Equal, Say Dentists
Two thirds of dentists think that toothpaste choice is an important part of one’s overall dental health, and modern technology has led to dramatic
improvements. Only 35% claim that any toothpaste you buy today will clean your teeth perfectly well. Click towatch the video…


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