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Health Care Marketing Grows More Competitive
Last week I started talking about how health care marketing is changing in a major way. Case in point: Rite Aid’s sign saying “Welcome Longs Customers – Transfer Your Prescriptions Today!” makes you think Longs is going out of business – but they’re not! Click to continue to article…

Survey: 4 of 5 Dentists Treat TMJ/TMD
This survey found that most dentists treat TMJ/TMD patients, charging anywhere from $500 to $40,000 for treatment. “Emotionally rewarding, but financially unrewarding. Once patients are out of pain, they’re miraculously out of money!” complained one dentist. Click to continue to article…

UV Tooth Bleaching Can Damage Skin & Eyes

UV light-enhanced tooth bleaching may be more harmful to skin and eyes than sunbathing, and is no more effective, claims a new study. The study also found that bleaching can damage teeth, leading to more exposed grooves on the surface of teeth. Click to continue to article…

Dental Offices Most Profitable Businesses…?
A new study finds that dental offices had the highest net profit margin of any category of private business in 2008. Thought it may come as news to many of you who are struggling in the current economy, it found dentists’ offices had a profit margin of nearly 17%. Click to continue to article…

Four of Five Dentists Suffer from Burnout
Dentistry is a challenging career that often leaves its practitioners
exhausted. In this survey, four out of five dentists reported that
they have felt burnt out professionally. Dentists offered colleagues
tips on how to avoid becoming overwhelmed with stress.
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Dentists’ Hands Tied by Dental Insurance
Nine out of ten dentists see dental insurance companies as enemies
rather than allies, according to this survey. In the eyes of the
average dentist, insurance companies exist solely to turn a profit.
However, insurance does bring patients in.
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watch the video…


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