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Dentistry’s Dismal Financial Future…? 

Corporate giant 3M is finding that healthcare has remained more profitable than many of their other business sectors. But 3M execs have singled out dentistry as an area of particular concern. They expect a significant drop in consumer demand for cosmetic dentistry.
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Survey: One-Third Running Dental Promotions
One out of three dentists is currently running a sale or promotion, found our most recent survey. Many feel they have no choice in the current economy. “Offer free consultations on implant cases, then try to wow them,” advised one dentist. Click to continue to article…

Tainted Teething Formula: 84 Nigerian Kids Dead
At least 84 Nigerian children have died in the past three months from a paracetemol-based formula that stops teething pain. A batch of the dental  medicine was tainted with diethylene glycol, a deadly poison
and the active ingredient in antifreeze. Click to continue to article…

Dental Visit + 7 Year Old = Hit YouTube Video
There’s a new YouTube star: a 7-year-old boy who’s woozy after a dental
appointment. Uploaded less than two weeks ago, it’s already gotten 4 million views. “Is this real life?” the boy asks his father. “I feel funny. Why’s this happening to me?” Click to continue to article…

Denture Patients Have Unrealistic Expectations
This survey revealed that fully five out of six dentists find that denture
patients expect dentures to be easier than they actually are. Denture dentists can be frustrated by these unrealistic expectations
— and so can patients! Click to watch the video…

Most Dentists Take Pediatric Patients
The clear majority of dentists are happy to accept pediatric patients. Our survey found that 86% of dental practices report that
they accept child patients. The remaining 14% prefer to treat patients
over age 14. Click to watch the video…


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