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Guest Editorial: Dental Marketing in Down Times

The economy might be bad, but it’s the right time to increase your marketing exposure. Think your marketing budget is a discretionary item? it is more important now than ever. Do it right and you can spend less while getting more. We tell you how. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Changing Retirement Plans
Over 60% of dentists in this survey acknowledged that the present economy means they now plan to work longer than they’d expected. Said one dentist, “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to retire and maintain my lifestyle, which is NOT extravagant.” Click to continue to article…

Dental Waterline Cleaner Violates Pesticide Laws
A dental supply company has agreed to pay the EPA over $300,000 for pesticide violations. Though Oregon-based A-dec has been selling dental water cleaner tablets called ICX since 2006. the product had not then been approved by the EPA. (It has now.) Click to continue to article…

DIY Dentistry: Brit Yanks 13 Teeth with Pliers
A 42-year-old veteran tried unsuccessfully to get appointments with 30 dentists, none of whom would take government patients. So, over the past two years, he has pulled out 13 of his upper teeth, leaving him with only 2 remaining teeth in his upper arch. Click to continue to article…

Most Dentists Don’t Pay Hygienists on Commission
In this survey, we asked dentists if they pay their hygienists an hourly wage, or if compensation is based on commission. Four out of five dentists report paying hygienists a base hourly wage. Only 19% say their hygienists are paid on commission. Click to watch the video…

Is Gold Too Expensive for Dental Crowns?
In this survey, 6% of dentists reported that they have noted a decrease in demand for gold crowns due to the high price of gold. However, most dentists agree that patients today tend to want tooth-colored restorations. Click to watch the video…


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