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“Flipping Out?” Not for Dental Marketing!
In this Special Marketing Feature we examine how some
dentists apply the house-flipping mentality to their marketing campaigns — and how they can lose big by not giving any campaign enough time to succeed. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Veneers Run About $1,100 Each
When we asked dentists what they charge for a dental veneer, the average answer was $1,100 for both a traditional porcelain veneer and for a Lumineer. “Veneers are harder to do correctly from a technical aspect than a ceramic crown,” said one dentist. Click to
continue to article…

Dental Licenses for Convicted Sex Offenders?!?

A Michigan dentist who spent a year in jail for raping a patient is practicing again. The state is considering new legislation that would prevent health care workers convicted of sex crimes from having their licenses reinstated. Click to continue to article…

One Gene Controls Growth of Rows of Teeth
Scientists have isolated a single gene that regulates tooth growth. Mice without that gene were found to grow extra teeth, much like how sharks develop several rows of teeth. Those mice also had cleft palates, offering further clues to that birth defect. Click to continue to article…

Dental Marketing Essential During a Recession
Many dentists are increasing their dental marketing as a result of the slumping economy, this survey revealed. Thirty-eight
percent of dentists reported they had increased dental marketing,
while 33% said they had cut spending and were tightening their belts. Click to watch the video…

Most Dentists Not Enthusiastic About Medicaid
In this survey, we asked dentists if they accept Medicaid. Two-thirds of dentist respondents revealed that they do not accept Medicaid payments. Though one in three dentists does take Medicaid, many were unimpressed. Click to watch the video…


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