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The Yelp Revolution: Are You With It?
Last week we told you about the latest controversy on the consumer review website Yelp: a dentist who’s suing because of a negative review. Yelp is the industry leader, but there are lots of websites where patients can review you. We’ll tell you more. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Most Dentists See Pediatric Patients
Most dentists treat pediatric patients, found our recent
survey. Ninety-five percent treat teens, and two out of three treat kids under 6. “I love caring for kids,” said one dentist, while another confessed, “I break out in hives when I treat anyone under 18.” Click to continue to article…

CareCredit Accused of Predatory Lending
A recent NPR report indicates that complaints about CareCredit have increased, with more patients claiming they didn’t realize they were signing up for payments they can’t afford. And did you know that the ADA is paid for its endorsement of CareCredit? Click to
continue to article…

Specialists Dominate ADA, Complain Dentists
Is the ADA dominated by specialists who are trying to promote their own agendas and not necessarily the welfare of the general dentist? Nearly two-thirds of our survey respondents thought so. They say specialist associations use the ADA to make more money. Click to watch the video…

Does Whitening Lead to More Cosmetic Dentistry?
In recent years, teeth whitening has become increasingly popular. But in this survey, dentists indicated that over half of those patients do not go on to have additional cosmetic dentistry. Two out of three dentists reported a conversion rate of less than 40%. Click to watch the video…


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