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Sedation’s New Fad: Marijuana-Assisted Dentistry 

With the Obama administration signaling increased tolerance, early reports suggest that California will soon approve medical marijuana for dental anxiety. “Patient acceptance has been astonishing,” said one marijuana sedation dentist. Click to continue to article…

Survey: The Front Desk Can Make or Break You
One-third of dentists think the front desk does an amazing job. Another third say they do a satisfactory job. But what about the remaining third? Well, they say they lose patients at the front desk and acknowledge the front desk needs better training. Click to continue to article…

Wii Yourself To Be a Better Dentist?
Three Scottish dental students have developed a way to use the Nintendo Wii video gaming system to simulate providing dental
treatment to a virtual dental patient. They were rewarded with the school’s Dental Innovation Technology Ideas Award. Click to
continue to article…

“Yes, Medicaid, My Denture Patient Needs Fillings”
New York state auditors have discovered that the state may have paid $3 million in Medicaid claims for fraudulent dental procedures. In this case, dentists filed claims for typical dental treatments.
The problem? None of the patients actually had teeth. Click to
continue to article…

Devoted Patients Will Travel Hours for Care

This dental survey asked dentists how far their average patient travels for treatment. Though most said about 5-10 miles, anecdotes abound of patients who have kept their dentists even after moving hundreds or thousands of miles away. Click to watch the video…

Whiter Teeth a Big Cosmetic Dentistry Request
Most dentists fully support tooth-whitening, and don’t feel like consumers who overdo it are a significant problem, according to our survey. Only one out of six dentists worries that too many consumers are over-whitening their teeth, leading to artificial-looking smiles.
Click to watch the video…


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