Dental Marketing Ideas – 142

News From The Wealthy Dentist #142 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

US Patients Head to Mexico for Dental Care

Medical tourism in general is a growing industry.And let’s be honest: a Mexican dentist can offer prices far lower than any American dentist.
But what those patients are not accounting for is risk.So how do you address the issue with your patients? Click to continue to article…

Survey: Online Reputation Management
The vast majority of dentists in this survey report they’ve searched for
themselves online. Google, of course, was the leader. “For marketing, all dentists should know 1) where they are on search engines,
and 2) what is being said about them,” said one dentist. Click to
continue to article…

Coca-Cola Slammed for Tooth Decay Claims
Coca-Cola recently launched an Australian ad campaign designed to rebuff certain myths about the soda, claiming that Coke does not cause tooth decay or weight gain.Now the soft drink giant must publish corrections in newspapers and online. Click to
continue to article…

Dental Marketing: When a Shingle Isn’t Enough
Melinda Spitek, a regular contributor to The Wealthy Dentist, has just
published a book that covers how to set yourself apart from the competition, how to target the patients you most want, and how to deal with inevitable changes. Click to read an excerpt from the book…

Marketing Campaigns That Work for Dentists

When asked about their most effective dental practice marketing campaigns, direct mail marketing was the top choice among dentists. However, most use multiple marketing avenues simultaneously, including yellow pages, TV ads, and dentist websites. Click to watch the video…

Dental School Admissions: Inequality of the Sexes?
Dentists are split over the issue of gender profiling in dental school
admissions. In this survey, the slight majority opposed gender discrimination. However, many dentists felt that favoring male applicants could increase access to dental care. Click to watch the video…


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