Dental Marketing Ideas – 143

News From The Wealthy Dentist #143 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist
Happy tax day, folks! Are you going to a tea party?

Dental Tourism Lures Patients with VacationsLet’s say my dentist just told me I’m going to need thousands of dollars of dental treatment.Searching online, I find that I could take a vacation to Mazatlan and get cheap dental care there. To a price-conscious patient, it could sound irresistible. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Cost of Sedation Dentistry
This survey found 97% of responding dentists happily offering OCS, at an
average fee of $300. A third offer IV,sedation, charging about $500. Only 6% have general anesthesia capabilities, and their fees are around $700. Click to continue to article…

Gum Disease Risk Linked to Obesity
New research from the Harvard School of Public Health has linked obesity with gum disease. Obese men had a 25% higher risk of periodontal disease than men of normal weight. The correlation also held true for other measures of obesity. Click to continue to article…

Some Dentists Find Romance in the Dental Office
One of five dentists admitted to dating a coworker or employee at their dental practice (other than their spouse) in this survey. Most caution against mixing business with pleasure, but a few happy marriages have been born in the dental office. Click to watch the video…

Dentists Stop Accepting Dental Insurance
Dentists are sick and tired of dental insurance companies dictating fees and treatments. Just over half of the dentists in this survey said that they had mostly or completely stopped accepting dental insurances, and others said they wished they could. Click to watch the video…


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