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Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Dentist Websites Deserve Great Domain Names
I’ve been preaching the gospel of Internet dental marketing for years now. I’m launching a new service — one that’s absolutely free — that will help your practice secure the best Internet domain name possible to market your practice.Click to learn more about Dental Domain Search…

NTI Splints Not Always Dentists’ Favorite
This survey found that two out of three dentists offer the NTI splint. Only 6% report that they do not offer any splint options.
“NTI’s cause open bite issues and damage the TMJs,” warned one, while another said, “Great service for fast relief of many issues!” Click to
continue to article…

Dental Sedation for Kids – Thanks, Nintendo!
PediSedate is a new accessory for the Nintendo GameBoy that sedates children for dental or medical procedures. In addition to headphones, the device has a somewhat disguised gas mask that delivers nitrous oxide to the distracted child. Click to continue to article…

Dental Marketing: When a Shingle Isn’t Enough
Competition among dentists is often less a matter of procedural competency than of patients’ perception. Before hollering “Unfair,” try putting the shoe on the other foot. If a patient sues you, how will you select a lawyer? Click to read an excerpt from the book…

Dental Website Marketing: Not for All Dentists?
We asked dentists if their dental practice website marketing is worth its
expense. Less than half of dentist respondents said yes. The remaining 60% replied that they don’t believe that Internet marketing has particularly helped find new patients.Click to watch the video…

Video: OCS a Favorite with Sedation Dentists
When we asked dentists if they offer their patients sedation dentistry, two out of three reported that their dental practices offer oral conscious sedation. A quarter of dentists don’t feel comfortable offering sedation. And a few wish they could. Click to watch the video…


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