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Update Your Patients on Swine Flu
The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 4. “Level 4 means that anyone with the hint of an illness will not be seen for routine appointments,” said one dentist. We have a sample newsletter that lets patients know not to come in if they’re not feeling well. Click to
continue to article…

Obama: 33% Approval Rating Among Dentists
As our new President approaches 100 days in office, 67% of dentists we
surveyed don’t approve of the job he’s doing, and over half of
respondents gave him a grade of D or F. “He is a socialist and he does not have America’s best interests at heart!” declared one. Click to continue to article…

Virtual Dental School Opens in Second Life
The University of Maryland Dental School has opened its doors in the online universe of Second Life, the first US dental school to do so. Second Life is a “virtual universe” with millions of registered users. The virtual school will be a part of new student orientation. Click to continue to article…

Rodeo Star Charged with Illegal Horse Dentistry
Oklahoma rodeo star Bobby Griswold has been charged with performing horse dentistry without a veterinary license – a felony according to a new state law.Though he works as an equine dentist, the law requires the direct supervision of a licensed vet. Click to continue to article…

Video: Many Dentists Alienated from ADA
In this Wealthy Dentist poll, we asked if the American Dental Association is a valid representative of the general American dentist. Half said the ADA is an accurate representation of dentists, while half feel the ADA is just a tool for specialists to maintain the status quo. Click to watch the video…

Video: Employee Theft a Problem for Dentists
The average dentist reports that his or her dental practice has been embezzled. In this survey, 59% of dentists reported that they had discovered evidence of theft. The remaining 41% have never been able to prove an embezzlement took place. Click to watch the video…


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