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Swine Flu Update for Dental Practices

The CDC has released Prevention of Swine Influenza A (H1N1) in the Dental Healthcare Setting. It’s pretty much Infection Control 101: things you should already know but that are always good to review. In short, be extra-careful with patients who might be ill. Click to
continue to article…

Measuring Dental Internet Marketing Success
I just introduced a new service for dentists to help them find a dental domain name for their practice websites that will get them a higher search engine ranking. But how exactly do you measure Internet marketing success? Let me demystify it for you. Click to continue to article…

Swine Flu Leads to Some Changes
When we asked dentists if they were making any changes as a result of the threat, most said no, but 12% have, and another 29% are considering it. The changes dentists have made include more frequent hand washing and using R-95 masks and eye shields. Click to continue to article…

Home Whiteners Can Damage Enamel
Research has shown that home teeth whiteners can damage tooth enamel. Tooth samples were treated with whitening strips or nightguards. Bleached teeth showed less tooth enamel hardness and elasticity on a nanometer scale. Click to continue to article…

Joke of the Week: “When Pigs Fly” 

“It was once said that pigs would fly before Americans would elect a black president. Indeed,we’re 100 days into the Obama presidency… and SWINE FLU!!” Click to comment…

Video: Employees Claim “Wrongful Discharge”
In this survey, we asked dentists if they have had “wrongful discharge”
headaches from past employees. The majority (72%) have not had such trouble. However, 9% of dentists report being sued for wrongful discharge, and another 19% say they’ve been accused. Click to
watch the video…

Video: Being In Charge Is Better, Say Dentists
Dentists prefer being in charge to working for somebody else, according to this poll. Fully 76% of dentists said they would rather be their own boss than work for another dentist. Not a single dental specialist in this survey said they would prefer to be an associate. Click to watch the video…


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