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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Google Profile Results
When it comes to maintaining a visible Internet presence, not all dentists face the same obstacles.People spell unusual names wrong. Common names can be even worse – how do you tell one John Smith from another? Well, Google Profiles can help. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Mixed Feelings about Nitrous Oxide
Two out of three dentists offer nitrous oxide, this survey found, but many docs don’t prefer it – 18% never use it and another 13% rarely do. “I offered nitrous oxide for twenty years, but there was little demand,” said one dentist. “I’m glad I don’t offer it anymore.” Click to
continue to article…

Louisiana Dentists Oppose School Dental Vans 

The Louisiana legislature is considering a bill – backed by the state’s Dental Association – that would ban mobile dental clinics that travel to schools to provide dental care to children. Critics say these travelling clinics are unsanitary and inadequate. Click to continue to article…

Dental Marketing: When a Shingle Isn’t Enough
Competition among dentists is often less a matter of procedural competency than of patients’ perception. Before hollering “Unfair,” try putting the shoe on the other foot. If a patient sues you, how will you select a lawyer? Click to read an excerpt from the book…

Dentists Battle It Out with Insurance
Dentists have had enough of dental insurance companies. In this survey,
fully 94% of dentist respondents said that they would like to see
dentists organize against the insurance industry. Low benefits and
payouts are dentists’ largest frustration. Click to watch the video…

Survey Video: How Much Hygienists Get Paid
Dentists reports paying their dental hygienists about $36 per hour,
according to this poll. Many dentists expressed resentment over the
high price tag of a dental hygienist. Plus, location is highly correlated
with hourly base pay. Click to watch the video…


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