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Amalgam Controversy
Is there a more divisive issue in dentistry than amalgam? Merely by asking the,question, we are accused of bias on both sides. Overall, dentists are still split right down the middle. Is amalgam poisonous? Are silver fillings safe? Does *anyone* really know?  Click to continue to article…

Survey: Deep Perio Cleaning Costs
When we asked dentists about their average fee for one quadrant of deep perio cleaning, the answer was about $225. “There is some abuse of this code, making it harder for our office to get reimbursement from third party providers,” said a periodontist. Click to continue to article…

D’oh! Dental Board Head Pulled Wrong Teeth
No one is perfect – not even the head of California’s Dental Board. Dr. Suzanne McCormick agreed to pay out nearly $100,000 in a malpractice case where she extracted two healthy molars from a 13-year-old’s mouth rather than wisdom teeth. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video:Lasers for Gum Disease
Dentists are split over the use of dental lasers to fight gum disease. When dentists were asked if they use lasers on soft tissue in their dental practices, half said lasers are part of their periodontal management, and the other half do not use lasers on soft tissue. Click to watch the video…

Dentists were asked how frequently their patients are referred back after being sent out for treatment by specialists. The majority said they always or almost always got their patients back, but some complained
about prosthodontists and periodontists. Click to


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