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BPA In Dental Composite: Does It Matter?
Bisphenol-A has been making headlines again as a possible health hazard. This week, we’ll take a look at the limited information available about BPA in dental composites and sealants. Officially, the ADA says there’s no need to worry – but does anyone know for sure? Click to continue to article…

Survey: Dental Continuing Education Hours
This survey found dentists averaging 70 hours of clinical CE and 15 hours of practice management CE each year. “The minimum requirements are ridiculously low,” said one. Doctors’ top priorities for continuing ed are implants, cosmetics and team training. Click to continue to article…

We Officially Have a Pandemic – So What Now?
The World Health Organization has made it official: H1-N1 influenza (a.k.a. swine flu) is now a global pandemic. So what does this mean for your dental practice? Frankly, not that much, as long as you already practice Universal Precautions, which you do, right? Click to continue to article…

Eco-Dentistry Association Launches
Green dentistry now has a formal association: the Eco-Dentistry Association. Based in Berkeley, CA (where else?), it’s founded by a husband-and-wife team who launched an eco-friendly dental practice six years ago, and are now spreading their gospel. Click to continue to article…

Video: Dentists Split over Amalgam Fillings
Breaking news: Dentists are deeply divided over the issue of mercury in amalgam fillings. In this survey, 52% of dentists reported they are no longer using amalgam, while 48% still are. Amalgam’s long history goes up against its possible toxicity in a continuing battle. Click to watch the video…


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