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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Lots of Strong Opinions on National Dental Care
And you’ll never guess what… only 2% of dentists think it would be a good
idea! I was deluged with replies. It turns out dentists have a lot to say about the idea of a national dental plan. So let’s review some of the points that were raised most often. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Husband-and-Wife Dental Teams
Amazingly, fully 70% of the respondents to this survey said that they work with their spouse. The majority say they were romantically involved first, but some were coworkers before they dated. Most warn of the dangers, but some love it. “Family is your best resource for dedicated and concerned staff. ” declared one dentist. Click to
continue to article…

Very Strange Dental-Related Death
Dropping dental tools down a patient’s throat isn’t just poor chairside manner – it’s also potentially deadly. In Florida in 2006, a man’s dentist dropped a tool down his throat. In 2007, the man returned to the same dentist, who did it again. Unfortunately, the patient died from surgical complications to remove the tool. Click to continue to article…

Video: Lead, Mercury and BPA in Dental Work
Reports of lead in dental crowns have left dentists understandably worried. Our poll revealed that fully 40% of dentists feel that lead in dental work is definitely not safe. Dentists also worry about dental patients’ exposure to mercury, bisphenol-A (BPA), and fluoride.
Click to watch the video…


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