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News from The Wealthy Dentist

The State of California? Not Financially Healthy
You’ve probably heard that California is broke. Curious about what a
state-sanctioned IOU looks like? Find out how the State asked our editor for a $28 loan, offering as repayment a “Registered Warrant,” also known as an IOU — that is, an uncashable check. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Floss Is Still the #1 Interdental Cleaner
When we asked dentists what they recommend patients use to clean between teeth, dental floss was king. However, some doctors prefer interdental brushes or floss picks. “For those that say they will not floss, we recommend products like Rotopoints or irrigators until we find one they can commit to,” said one dentist. Click to continue to article…

What’s Bad for Teeth Might Be Bad for the Body 

New Flash: Oral health and whole-body health are related! A recent report examined the consequences of a diet based on “fermentable carbohydrates” like bread, pasta, and potatoes. These foods don’t just lead to tooth decay; they might be bad for overall health as well.
Click to  continue to article…

Whoa! Man Walks in Naked for Appointment
You’ve probably had some odd situations in your waiting room before, but it’s hard to top what happened last week at a Connecticut dental practice: a patient walked in for his appointment completely naked. He was also five days late for his dental appointment. Click to continue to article…

Video:Doctors Not Sold on Internet Marketing
We asked dentists if their dental practice website marketing is worth its expense. Less than half (40%) of dentist respondents said yes: internet marketing generates new patients and a positive ROI. The remaining 60% replied that they don’t believe that internet marketing has particularly helped find new patients. Click to watch the video…

Video: Denture Patients Are Hard To Satisfy 

This survey revealed that fully five out of six dentists
find that denture patients expect dentures to be easier than they actually are. The average denture dentist can be frustrated by these unrealistic expectations. Click to watch the video…


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