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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Health Care Reform Is Now Your Problem Too
You’ve probably been wondering how the proposed health care reforms might affect you and your dental practice. Even though they’re not trying to nationalize dental care (yet), the money for reform will have to come from somewhere – like your bank account, perhaps. Ready to hear the brutal details? Click to continue to article…

Survey: Cosmetic Dentistry in Dentists’ Mouths
Dentists aren’t just clinicians; they’re also dental patients. In this survey, we found over 2/3 of dentists say they’ve had their teeth whitened, and over half have composite fillings. “As the doctor, if you don’t have a nice smile, you won’t be able to convince many patients that you can produce a nice smile for them,” advised one. Click to
continue to article…

Study Finds Aloe Toothpastes Effective
Aloe vera: it’s not just for hippies anymore! Aloe is an ingredient in some
toothpastes, and a recent study confirms that it is in fact good for oral
health. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth that include aloe were just as effective in controlling oral bacteria (or even more so) than other commercial brands. Click to continue to article…

Video: Dental Continuing Education Online
When it comes to continuing dental education, more and more dentists are finding it online. When asked if they use the Internet as part of their formal dental continuing education, the slight majority of dentists said yes. On the other hand, many dentists still complete their dental CE hours the old-fashioned way. Click to watch the video…

Video: Dentists Still Market in the Yellow Pages
There are, of course, many different avenues for dentists seeking to
actively market their dental practices. In this video, we discuss a
poll that revealed that most dentists and dental practices advertise
in the Yellow Pages as part of their dental marketing. Click to
watch the video…


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