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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Mercury Issues: Dental Professionals, Flu Vaccine
Let’s review a few of the big questions surrounding mercury: (1) Are amalgam fillings bad for patients? (2) Does amalgam threaten the health of dental professionals? (3) What about the presence of mercury in vaccines, particularly the H1N1 vaccine? Click to continue to article…

Survey: Top Continuing Education Avenues
Local seminars are still dentists’ favorite place for CE, but online dental continuing education is picking up steam; about half of dentists say they use Internet CE. “Why waste money on extensive and expensive travel for CE?” asked a prosthodontist. Click to continue to article…

Redheads Twice as Likely To Avoid Dentist
It’s a quirky finding from a study recently published in the Journal of the ADA:People with naturally red hair are more likely to experience dental anxiety. in fact, redheads are more than twice as likely to avoid the dentist as those with brown hair. Click to  continue to article…

Video: Two of Three Dentists Like Their Job
Two out of three dentists reported that they would recommend a career in dentistry to their children or grandchildren, according to this survey. Though many complained about the business knowledge needed today, most dentists seem happy with their profession. Click to
watch the video…

Survey Video: Dental Marketing – Part of the Job 

Many dentists complain of what a pain dental practice marketing can be.
Nonetheless, 95% of survey respondents acknowledged that they won’t get to practice dentistry if they can’t run a successful business. Only 5% maintain that’s not part of their job. Click to watch the video…


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