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News From The Wealthy Dentist #162 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

Mercury: Protect Your Patients – and Yourself
“It’s one thing to believe that the mercury released from a patient’s amalgam fillings on a daily basis isn’t a health hazard,” says Dr. Tom McGuire, a leading authority on mercury safe dentistry. “But it’s another thing entirely not to offer protection against mercury vapor exposure during the removal process.” Click to continue to article…

Stimulus Money? Not in Dentists’ Pockets

When we asked dentists if their practices had seen any changes as a result of the government’s economic stimulus efforts, only 3% said there was an improvement. It’s worse for 55%, and 42% have seen no change. “Job and insurance losses are still affecting patients’ decisions,” said one dentist. Click to continue to article…

Pulling 13 Extra Teeth Costs Dentists $2M
The 28-year-old woman went to the dentist for a cracked tooth.
But when she left the dental office, all 16 of her upper teeth had been removed – including 13 perfectly healthy teeth. She filed a malpractice suit after the 2006 event and was just awarded $2 million by a jury. At least that will buy her a nice set of dental implants! Click to
continue to article…

Video: Amalgam Provokes Passion in Dentists
The FDA recently declared it’s (mostly) safe, but the controversy over amalgam still thrives Dentists are passionately divided on this issue. Even what to call the dental restorations is a big deal: names range from “silver fillings” to “mercury-releasing fillings.” Click to watch the video…

ADA Membership? Not for One in Four Dentists
The ADA happily represents each and every single dentist, right? Well… maybe not. When we asked dentists if political disagreements or other differences of opinion had caused them to quit a dental association, one quarter reported that they have quit the ADA or another dental organization. Click to watch the video…


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