Dental Marketing Ideas – 167

News From The Wealthy Dentist #167 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

Predicting the Future of Dentistry
Last week we talked about the dream of universal licensure. Now let’s start predicting the future! The real problem is the growing shortage of dentists. In 5 years, dentistry could have negative growth, even as the population continues to increase. My suggestion: Now is the time to put your kid in dental school! Click to continue to article…

Survey: Dentists’ Top Marketing Keywords
How do dentists describe what their practices offer? “Cosmetic dentistry,” “general dentistry” and “family dentistry” were used by over half of this survey’s respondents to describe their practices. “Restorative,” “comfortable” and “gentle” were each used by about one-third of dentists. Click to continue to article…

Sedation Dentistry: New Rules in Illinois
Practicing sedation dentistry in Illinois is about to get harder… The
state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has proposed new rules that mandate more dental continuing education on treating sedation patients. The Chicago area has seen two dental patient death in the past several years. Click to continue to article…

Doctors’ Top 10 Questions About Botox
As part of the upcoming release of “Dental Marketing Project X,” Jim
Du Molin is offering up a video interview between himself and Botox expert Catherine Maley. Even though many states won’t allow dental Botox, it’s becoming more common, and more dentists are getting curious about it. Watch the video…

BPA in Dental Sealants Worries Some Dentists
One dentist in four reports being very concerned about the issue of
bisphenol-A (the problem chemical in water and baby bottles) in dental
composite and sealants. Because children may be particularly sensitive to the hormone-like effects of BPA, this issue is of particular concern for
pediatric dentistry. Click to watch the video…

Dental Consultants Don’t Always “Wow” Dentists
Most dentists say they have had at least one negative experience with a dental consultant. When we asked who had been disappointed by
dental consultants, most (62%) said they have had problems with
consultants in the past. On the other hand, 38% report being smart and/or lucky enough to avoid the bad ones. Click to watch the video…


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