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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Just Let the Dentists Build Their Practice Already!
Here’s a horror story to make any dentist think twice about purchasing a building! An endodontist and orthodontist bought a building in Petaluma, California for their practice. After two years and half a million dollars, they’re no closer to moving in — all thanks to some less-than-gracious neighbors determined to stop the project.
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Survey: Most Don’t Know Their New Patient Value
Only one in four dentists has actually calculated the value of a new dental patient to their practice, this survey found. Overall, dentists estimated their average new patient value to be about $1,000, although there was much variation: some dentists said they’d calculated it to be $200, while others claimed it worked out to be $3,000. Click to
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Marketing Project X… Revealed!
Jim Du Molin is finally talking about what exactly his new “Marketing Project X” is. “My strategies have been tested and proven,” he says. “Now I want to use the amazing reach of the Internet to make them available in a totally new format.” Click to learn what Marketing Project X is…

Tooth Decay May Leave Black Men at Higher Risk
New research from the Indiana University School of Dentistry suggests that black males may be at increased risk for total health problems as a result of dental plaque. White blood cell activity increased only among that group in this study, indicating both race and gender play a role in the body’s immune response to tooth decay Click to
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Video: Many Dentists Suffer from Burnout
Four out of five dentists say they’ve suffered from professional burnout, our survey found, proving that dentistry can at times be a difficult profession. “Keep going to continuing ed classes and enjoy working with staff you like,” advised one dentist. Click to watch the video…

Video: Dental Guarantees Are Not Popular

Though dentists take pride in their work, insurance companies can pressure them not to formally guarantee their dental work. This survey found that only 18% of dentists offer a written guarantee to their patients. “A guarantee? Are you nuts?” asked one dentist incredulously.
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