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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Dentists & the Swine Flu Pandemic
When we asked dentists about H1N1 this spring, only 12% said they had made any changes as a result of swine flu. But in the midst of a pandemic, things seem to changing… Like the disappearance of magazines from many waiting rooms. And get this: a San Diego dentist was denied the H1N1 vaccine on the grounds that “dentists are not eligible health care professionals”! Click to continue to article…

Shortage of Dentists? What Shortage?!?!
Are we really facing an impending shortage of dentists, as some say? When we asked dentists if their areas were over-served, under-served, or just about right, three out of four feel their areas are over-served. Every single urban dentist agreed.  “If I were younger, I would open up in a rural area,” said one. “Competition is tough.” Click to continue to article…

“Do Dentists Suffer from Low Self-Esteem?”That’s the question posed by Dr. Louis Malcmacher in Dental Economics. He says the answer is a resounding “yes.” He offers a few points:
“We need to make dental continuing education more engaging… Another reason that dentists have low self-esteem is that we don’t think of ourselves as ‘real doctors.'” Click to  continue to article…

Video: OCS a Favorite with Sedation Dentists
When we asked dentists if they offer their patients sedation dentistry, two out of three reported that their dental practices offer oral conscious sedation. A quarter of dentists don’t feel comfortable offering sedation. And a few wish they could. Click to watch the video…

Dentists Stop Accepting Dental Insurance
Dentists are sick and tired of dental insurance companies dictating fees and treatments. Just over half of the dentists in this survey said that they had mostly or completely stopped accepting dental insurances, and others said they wished they could. Click to watch the video…


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