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News from The Wealthy Dentist

“Botax” in Health Bill Could Hit Cosmetic Dentistry
There’s a new addition to the Senate health care reform bill that could have massive consequences for dentistry: a proposed 5% tax on cosmetic surgery and procedures that has been dubbed the “Botax.”
While it’s not entirely clear what this would include, cosmetic dentistry will probably be included. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Emergency Calls Have Increased
As a result of the recession — and people deferring treatment for economic reasons — nearly two-thirds of dentists say they’ve seen an increase in emergency calls. “I do see a lot of patients delaying treatment, and opting for less expensive treatment,” noted one. Click to
continue to article…

Tooth Jewelry Lets Extracted Teeth Live On 

Here’s a creative way to re-use old teeth… An Australian silversmith, collects extracted teeth and repurposes them into jewelry. She also makes jewelry and purses from human hair. She welcomes visitors to her website to donate hair or teeth. Click to continue to article…

“Montessori School of Dentistry” (Humor)
From satire website The Onion: “Inside the Montessori School of Dentistry, you won’t find any old-fashioned cotton swabs, or so-called periodontal charts… That’s because at this alternative-learning institution, students are being encouraged to break away from medical tradition and discover their very own root canal procedures.”
Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Placing Dental Implants
Approximately half of general dentists are placing dental implants. Fifty-three percent of the general dentists in the poll indicated that they do dental implant placement themselves. The remaining 47% of general dentists refer patients to a specialist. Click to watch the video…

Survey Video: Romancing Dental Patients

Do dentists date their patients? Our survey revealed that about one in five dentists reported having been involved with a patient at some point in their careers. Male dentists were significantly more likely to have had a relationship with a patient. Click to watch the video…


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