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Dentists’ Charity: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
I know that health reform won’t be solved by a few generous dentists saving the entire world… But a charitable dentist can have a valuable impact on the health of his or her community. Too often, dentists’
donations are overlooked — by patients, the public, the media, even other dentists. Give yourselves some credit! Click to continue to article…
Survey: How Dentists Pay Their Associates
Our survey found the average annual compensation for a dental associate to be about $160,000. Of the dentists in our survey with an associate, one in three pay a salary. The other two-thirds pay a percentage, with the average being 33% of collections. When it comes to paying a minimum guarantee, 35% do, while 65% do not. Click to
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Missed Appointment Fees for British Dentists?
It turns out that dental health care reform isn’t just an issue in the USA… Included in the Tory Reform Plan For The NHS is a provision that would allow UK dentists to charge patients for missed dentist appointments. Why not charge a fee for wasting the doctor’s time?
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Video: National Licensure for US DentistsFour out of five US dentists want one national dental license that would let them practice dentistry in all 50 states. “And why not…particularly if we are all American citizens. I always thought that restraint of trade was against the law,” griped one orthodontist. Click to
watch the video…


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