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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Dental Embezzlers Are Rarely Prosecuted
Many dentists don’t even realize how widespread the problem of dental embezzlement is. Having spent over 20 years uncovering over 100 thefts, I’m fully convinced that it happens all the time. Only on rare occasions do you see the dental embezzler fully prosecuted – and that only happens if the doctor has tied everything up with a big bow and handed the case to the district attorney for prosecution.
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Survey: Sedation Dentistry and the Recession
Two out of three dentists say they’ve seen a decline in sedation dentistry during this recession. Of those, 73% noted a decline in oral conscious sedation, and 43% a decrease in IV sedation. “When times are bad and money is tight, dentistry can be delayed,” said one dentist, “including broken fillings, cleanings, crowns, etc.” Click to continue to article…

Dentist Loses License for Unnecessary Fillings
A dentist who tricked patients into getting expensive and unnecessary dental work has been banned from practice by UK’s General Dental Council. In multiple cases, the doctor recommended multiple fillings (as many as 10) on patients whose charts did not indicate any tooth decay.
When confronted by his partner, he replied, “Sometimes I’m in a money-making mood.” Click to  continue to article…

“Dentist’s Chair” Drinking Game Banned in UK
To combat binge drinking, the UK will crack down on bars and ban drinking games such as “the dentist’s chair.” It’s very different from the dentist’s chair at your office… this one is a drinking game that involves other people pouring alcohol straight down your throat. Click to
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Video: Marketing Spending during the Recession
When it comes to dental marketing, more dentists increase spending during hard times than cut spending on dental practice marketing, this survey found. “It’s a good idea to keep your name out there. An economic downturn does not mean people will not need dental implants and dental care!” advised one dentist. Click to watch the video…


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