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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Holistic Dentistry & the “Alternative Dentist”
Dentists: Do you know exactly what holistic dentistry is? How about “biological dentistry”? What about things like dental homeopathic medicine, Dental Somatic Integration™, and mercury chelation therapy?
Well, this week I’ll walk you through some of what “alternative dentistry” has to offer. Click to continue to article…
Survey: Mandatory Retirement Age?!?
Though a European court recently upheld age limits for dentists, nine out of 10 dentists in this survey don’t think that’s fair. “I am about to turn 70 this year, and my skills are better than they have ever been,” said one dentist. “I take lots of CE and feel I know so much more about dentistry than most younger recent grads.” Those who do support a mandatory retirement age suggested age 70. Click to continue to article…

Dentist Leaves Drill Bit in Patient’s Sinus
A Florida woman recently had an inch-long dentist drill bit burr removed from her sinus after nearly a year. When an oral surgeon removed two decayed teeth from the 35-year-old woman’s mouth, he apparently did not notice that he had lost the drill bit. The woman experienced pain, dizziness, and numbness. Eleven months after the drill burr got trapped in her sinus, it was surgically removed. Click to  continue to article…
Survey Video: General Dentists Offer Dentures
Dentists nearly always provide in-house denture services to their patients, this survey found. Only 6% of responding dentists say they send denture patients out to a prosthodontist for care. “Having made many thousands of dentures over the years, I’ve never referred a denture patient to a prosthodontist,” said one general dentist. Click to
watch the video…


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