Dental Marketing Ideas – 185

News From The Wealthy Dentist #185 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

Dentists: What’s Your Sign?
Let’s get even more “fringe” this week, shall we? I recently saw a magazine article that explained what you can expect from your dentist based on his or her sign. (For example: “Gotta love your funky holistic Aquarian dentist and yoga instructor!”) Others advise patients to make appointments during the waning moon. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Hygiene & the Recession
Many dentists have made hygiene changes due to the slow economy. A third have cut hours from hygienists’ schedules, and 11% have reduced the number of hygienists. “Upon doing a practice analysis, we found we overpaid our hygienist by $13,000,” said one dentist. “We paid more
in hourly plus benefits than we collected!” Click to continue to article…

California Goes After Discount Dental Plans
California regulators are going after dental health plans that claim to offer big benefits but deliver very little. It is estimated that some 6 million Californians have a discount health or dental plan. Some of these discount plans have misleadingly advertised themselves as insurance and promised access that wasn’t there. Click to continue to article…

Colleague Advice Important in Buying Equipment
Two out of three UK dentists said that peer recommendation was a major factor in making decisions about equipment purchases. Seminars and lectures were also an important factor. In addition, 56% say they are using practice management software – up from 48% last year. Click to
continue to article…

Survey Video: 3 of 4 Dentists Offer Invisalign
Dentists love Invisalign, we found in this survey. Three quarters of general dentists say they offer Invisalign braces to their patients. “You are crazy not to offer this service,” advised one. “As a dentist, we do simple cases and refer out to an orthodontist the complex cases. There is lots of CE to beef up your skill sets.” Click to watch the video…


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