Dental Marketing Ideas – 186

News From The Wealthy Dentist #186 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

Dentistry & Beyond: Today’s Cosmetic Dentist
This week I’m talking high-fashion dentists. For Valentine’s Day, a UK cosmetic dentistry practice offered free lip augmentation. PLUS… Fashion designer Christian Audigier has said he will license the Ed Hardy brand to a celebrity dentist who plans to launch a line of designer toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Dental Implants & the General Dentist
Dental implant dentists aren’t necessarily specialists… This survey found that virtually every general dentist will restore implants, and over half will place the implants themselves in straightforward cases. “Implants need to be the dentist’s deal,” said one. “Do not rely on the oral surgeon or periodontist for anything but placement.” Click to continue to article…

Take Your Child to the Dentist… Or Go to Jail
A Washington state mother who was convicted in court for not having taken her son to the dentist. The developmentally disabled 10-year-old boy had multiple abscessed teeth; in court papers, his pain was compared with “being shot with a nail gun.” After a jury trial, his
mom was convicted of second-degree criminal mistreatment. Click to
continue to article…

“Ghostly” Dentist Reinstated in UK

The UK dentist was found guilty of professional misconduct for a remarkably unusual reason… The dentist told a patient that the spirit of the patient’s mother (who died 15 years earlier) was present with them in the dental surgery. The dentist’s license was suspended for a total of 16 months, but she has now been reinstated. Click to continue to article…

Video: The Oral Conscious Sedation Dentist
In our survey, two-thirds of dentists reported that their practices offer OCS. “It is a major part of my practice,” offered one. Another complained of strict rules: “The regulations are overly onerous. More rules won’t prevent irresponsible behavior, only prevent many competent practitioners from utilizing this modality.” Click to watch the video…


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