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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Missed Appointment Policies

Last week I told you about the $400 missed appointment fee that’s made
headlines. While most would agree that’s excessive, lots of practices have policies designed to discourage no-shows. This week, I’ll review some of the ways dentists handle patients who skip their appointment.
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Survey: Implants Should Not Be a Specialty
Should dental implants should be a formal dental specialty? Three of four dentists (77%) say no. “I don’t think it is necessary to make this a specialty since oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists and general dentists like me all place dental implants, and many restore,” offered one. While 85% of general dentists oppose implant dentistry as a specialty, only 67% of specialists feel the same. Click to continue to article…

Teeth Whitening… at the Airport?!?
Teeth whitening isn’t just for Americans… it just got easier for UK travelers, who can now get tooth whitening at the airport. Yes, the airport. Passengers can book appointments at the Manchester and Birmingham airports for a 20-minute laser teeth whitening session before their flight departs. Click to continue to article…

No Love Lost Between Dentists & Insurance

Half of dentists have mostly or completely stopped accepting dental insurances, according to this survey. “If all dentists dropped all insurances, then ALL dentists could collect their fees in full from everyone,” declared one dentist. Click to watch the video…


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