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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Dental Care Reform: Senate To Require Veneers
In an unexpected bipartisan move, Democratic and Republican senators will announce on April 1st that they will supplement the health care reform bill with a comprehensive reform of dental care in the USA.
“Americans are typically considered to have perfect teeth,” said Senator McGrin. “Our plan will guarantee dental veneers for every man, woman and child in the US.” Click to continue to article…

Survey: Dental School Graduates Disappoint
Half of dentists say they’re satisfied with graduates of dental schools in their state, while the other half are disappointed. “I feel that a lot of the graduates of dental school do not have the work ethic that my group has, and they expect to be making a six figure income straight out
of school!” complained one dentist. Click to continue to article…

Dentist Indicted for Paper Clip Root Canals
A Massachusetts dentist accused of using paper clips in root canal procedures has been indicted on 13 charges. The dentist pinched pennies by using pieces of paper clips instead of stainless steel posts – though that didn’t stop him from billing Medicaid for more expensive materials. Between 2003 and 2005, he is estimated to have submitted at least $130,000 in fraudulent Medicaid bills. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Dentist Office Romance for 1 in 5

One dentist in five dentists acknowledges having been romantically involved with a coworker or employee at their dental practice (other than their spouse), this survey found. “Do you know how to ruin a good employee? Become romantically involved with her or him,” said one orthodontist. Click to watch the video…


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