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Patient Quotas? No Way, Says NY Legislature
Though Invisalign recently withdrew their controversial “provider requirement” mandating that dentists begin at least 10 cases per year,  New York lawmakers were so disturbed by the precedent that they introduced a bill to “prohibit the use of patient quotas for selecting dental treatments.” The bill states that a manufacturer may not set quotas on dentists who wish to use their products. Click to
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Survey: 1 in 3 Dentists Use Digital Impressions 

One in three dentists uses digital impressions, and another 25% plan to incorporate them. “I will stop practicing dentistry if Cadent/iTero goes out of business,” declared on dentist. However, 41% of dentists don’t want to transition. For most of them (73%), it’s because of price, but some worry the technology isn’t proven. Click to continue to article…


Teeth Whiteners Do Not Damage Tooth Enamel
Tooth whitening brightens teeth, but some worry it may damage tooth enamel. Well, a study published in JADA found that home bleaching does not damage enamel. Researchers found that 10% carbamide peroxide does not affect enamel wear. (However, dentin is susceptible to erosion from whitening products.) Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Employee Theft Is a Big Problem
Embezzlement is a major problem for dentists and dental practices. In this survey, 59% of dentists said they had discovered evidence of embezzlement, while 41% haven’t been able to prove an embezzlement took place. “My office manager was setting aside dental insurance checks,” said an orthodontist. “She did this for almost 10 years, for a total of at least $700,000. Her litigation is currently pending.”
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