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Silver Nanoparticles in Consumer Products
Silver ions have been shown to have anti-microbial properties. And so silver has been popping up in all sorts of consumer products, with silver added to everything from tissues to t-shirts, hand sanitizers, socks,
pacifiers, even toothbrushes and toothpaste. (Incidentally, did you know that ingesting silver can actually turn your skin blue?) Click to continue to article…

Survey: Best Whitening Methods
Dentists’ clear favorite method for whitening teeth is at-home custom-fit tray bleaching. Next most effective are in-office bleaching either with or without laser activation. “Any monkey can whiten teeth,” said one dentist. “The art is whitening to the fullest extent possible, and then to do it predictably without creating sensitivity.” Click to
continue to article…

Facebook Marketing for UK Practice 

An NHS dental practice in the UK is trying to recruit new patients via Facebook.  And what’s most remarkable about this story isn’t the truly innovate form of online marketing using social networking… it’s the fact that there’s an NHS practice with space for new patients!  Click to
continue to article…


Video: Sports Cars & the Dentists Who Drive Them
Dentists all drive Porsches! Well, not quite, but 60% of dentists responding to this survey admitted they have owned a sports car.
And fully one in four dentists in this survey has owned a Porsche.
“I don’t drive mine to the office,” sighed one orthodontist. “I leave it in the garage. I can’t afford the gas.” Click to watch the video…


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