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Nanotechnology: Promises & Risks
We’ve been talking recently about nanosilver. Due to their tiny size, nanoparticles behave quite differently from their regular-sized counterparts.  Much smaller than cells, they can be absorbed through the skin and can cross into the brain. But scientific studies and federal regulation are hard to come by. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Manufacturers Setting Patient Quotas
Inspired by the Invisalign fiasco, NY lawmakers introduced a bill to prevent manufacturers from setting patient quotas on dentists who wish to use the manufacturer’s product. In this survey, 60% supported such laws in their own state. “We have too many laws already,” countered one dentist. “Invisalign has already been punished by losing sizeable market share. This is the way capitalism is supposed to work.” Click to
continue to article…

Dentist Commits “Biggest Ever” NHS Fraud
A dentist in the UK has been charged with one of the largest NHS frauds ever committed. The dentist, now suspended, is accused of stealing 1million pounds from the NHS.  The dentist submitted as many as 5,000 false invoices between 2006 and 2009. Click to continue to article…

Video: One in 3 Dentists Accepts Medicaid
Two-thirds of dentist respondents do not accept Medicaid payments, this survey found. “It is an ethical obligation to see these people. It is embarrassing that more of our colleagues do not treat some portion of this population in need,” said one dentist. Offered another, “Any dentist would have to be NUTS to accept Medicaid. I wouldn’t accept Medicaid if they offered DOUBLE my fees.” Click to watch the video…


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