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The UK Is Missing over 100 Million Teeth
UK residents are missing an astonishing total of over 100 million teeth – which averages out to just over two missing teeth per person. Over half (57%) of UK adults have missing teeth – and overall, they’re missing an average of four teeth per person. And here’s another shocker: 20% of those with missing teeth said their dentist had never mentioned that implants were a treatment option. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Associates Often Disappoint 

Associates don’t always leave dentists satisfied. In this survey, 71% of
dentists have had experience with associates. Of them, 31% report they’ve been mostly satisfied, 46% have been partly satisfied, and 23% have been left unsatisfied.  “Associates never or rarely cover their expenses,” complained one dentist. Click to continue to article…

Mothers’ Tooth Decay Affects Their Kids
Mothers with untreated tooth decay are twice as likely to have children who do too.  That’s according to a new study from the University of California in San Francisco  that looked at 179 mothers and 389 children.
Will parents be more likely to treat tooth decay if they realize it may
negatively affect their children? Click to  continue to article…

Hygienist Compensation Averages $36 an Hour 

Dentists report the average hygienist base hourly pay is $36 an hour, starting  at under $20 an hour and extending past $50 an hour. “They get paid too much for what little they do,” complained one dentist. Another disagreed, saying, “She’s worth every penny.”
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