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Website Domain Registration: Beware of DROA
Domain Registry of America (DROA) is running a tricky marketing scheme that all website owners should be aware of.  DROA sends you what appears to be a bill for your domain name renewal. But you don’t in fact owe DROA a single penny.  They’re hoping you’ll pay the bill anyway, at which point they’ll charge you 10 times what you were paying.
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Survey: Dentists Unsure of Nanosilver Toothpaste
When we asked dentists if they would recommend nanosilver toothpaste, fully two  out of three said they don’t know enough about it to make an informed  recommendation. Dentists with an opinion were overwhelmingly opposed.  “There is not enough scientific evidence that it is more efficacious than other more proven products,” said one, “and there’s some disturbing evidence that it might do harm.” Click to
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Did Mel Gibson Knock out Girlfriend’s Teeth?
In January, Oksana Grigorieva – who recently had a child with Mel Gibson – saw a dentist following an argument with the actor. She claims Gibson punched her twice in the face, resulting in the loss of teeth.  However, friends of the actor claim Gibson had nothing to do with it. He maintains that he was only trying to protect their child from her during the altercation. Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Reality Shows & Cosmetic Dentistry
Many reality shows feature dramatic makeovers that include cosmetic dentistry. This survey found that half (54%) of dentists think this has increased patient demand for cosmetic treatment.  “It has made more people more aware of the cosmetic dentistry options,” said one dentist.
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