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News from The Wealthy Dentist
28 States Considering Legislation on Fee Capping
Fee capping has upset dentists nationwide – and legislators have taken notice. According to the AGD, this year, “a total of 28 states introduced 46 pieces of legislation to stop insurance carriers from requiring dentists to accept caps on fees for services the carrier does not cover.”
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Survey: Insurance Fees for Non-Covered Services
Fully 98% of dentists think it’s inappropriate for insurance companies to try to set fees for services they do not cover. Said one dentist, “If I wasn’t ten years from retirement I would change careers!”  Countered another, “I don’t like it, but for their business, it likely is a good maneuver.”  Click to continue to article…

Boy Removes Tooth with Rocket (YouTube)There’s a viral video that’s garnered a million views on YouTube where a boy uses a toy rocket to pull out his tooth.  The stunt was filmed by his dad, who excitedly tells the boy, “The Tooth Fairy’s going to give you money because that’s the coolest tooth-pulling-out I’ve ever seen.”
Though the video was posted a year ago, it only truly attained “viral video” status a few weeks ago.  Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Is Insurance the Enemy?
Dentists’ frustration with insurance companies runs deep. In this survey, 94% said that they would like to see dentists organize against the insurance industry.  “While fees for service continue to increase, the benefit allowance has stayed the same since the 1970s,” complained
one dentist. “We dentists come out looking like the bad guys… go figure.”  Click to watch the video…


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