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News from The Wealthy Dentist

Twilight Teens Get Fangs from Dentists
Dentists are offering vampire veneers for about $200 a set for Twilight
enthusiasts and other vampire-crazed teens.  They do not interfere with normal eating or speaking, though the size and shape of the patient’s mouth will determine how long the fangs can be.  The reversible procedure takes only 15 minutes.  Click to continue to article…

Survey: Dentists and Electric Cars
Dentists are open to driving electric cars, this survey found. Only 1 in 5 dentists said they would not consider buying an electric vehicle, while 16% say they already own an electric or hybrid car.  “I think if we work hard and can afford a fun car, we should get one!” said one dentist.  Click to continue to article…

Outlook Is Bright for Dentistry Graduates
Dentistry students face a bright employment future, at least compared to other graduates, according to new numbers from Britain.  Fully 99% were able to find work within six months of graduation. By contrast, only 82% of computer science graduates were able to find employment.  Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: Dentist-Specialist Referrals
Dentists say that specialists almost always refer their patients back to the original treating dentist, this survey found.  “Building a good relationship with your specialists is critical,” advised a cosmetic dentist. “Open lines of communication and professionalism are vital for strengthening this relationship. Specialist referrals are our second greatest source of new patients, after existing patient referrals.”
Click to watch the video…


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