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10 Cool Things You Can Do with Google
Last week we discussed why, with two-thirds of the search engine market, Google is the only search engine you need to worry about.
One of the reasons Google is #1 is because it’s incredibly smart. We’ll show you 10 neat tricks you can do with Google, from checking the weather to looking up definitions. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Dentists Unclear on Dentistry’s Future
Dentists aren’t sure what to expect from the future of dentistry. In this
survey, respondents were fairly evenly distributed between optimism, pessimism, and uncertainty. Dentists’ fears for the future include government intrusion, corporate control, the effects of the Obama health plan, and the rise in mid-level providers. Click to continue to article…

Tongue Piercings Can Lead to Tooth Gaps 

It turns out that tongue piercings can be bad for one’s teeth. While this is hardly a surprise, it’s been confirmed by a recent study.  Researchers had previously found that teens with pierced tongues tend to “play” with the barbell-shaped piercing, often pushing the end of it against their front teeth, which can lead to gaps.  Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: School Admission & Gender
Many dentists would approve of schools of dentistry favoring male applicants under the theory that they will more work total hours over the course of their careers. But the slight majority oppose giving preference based on gender.  “Live with it, people,” declared a male orthodontist. “Discrimination in any form is un-American.”  Click to
watch the video…


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