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News From The Wealthy Dentist #214 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

The Incredible Power of the Checklist
Whether you’re a dentist, surgeon, or pilot, checklists can dramatically improve performance. In fact, a professor of dentistry has co-authored a study with two pilots about applying air crew resource management checklists to dentistry. Surgical checklists have been credited with reducing hospital death rates by up to 50%.  Once revolutionary, checklists are now standard. Click to continue to article…

Survey: Outsourcing Website Maintenance
One third of dentists maintain their own website, while half use a website consultant or internet marketing company to handle updates and maintenance. “We have regular meetings about updating the site
with the consultant and staff, plus the dentists in our group practice,” said one respondent. Click to continue to article…

Newspaper Attention No Good for Orthodontist
A mother’s plight to have her son’s braces removed was recently taken up by the Chicago Tribune’s “What’s Your Problem?” section. According to the woman, the orthodontist refused to remove the teen’s braces until the family settled a mysterious $300 bill for missed visits. Now that it’s been featured in the paper, the boy’s braces are off and the orthodontist denies the whole thing.  Click to continue to article…

Video: Who’s Responsible for Safe Materials?

When we asked dentists who should be responsible for the safety of lab products, one third said the FDA, one quarter said labs should police themselves, and 41% said dentists should take responsibility. “Too many dentists are buying materials and laboratory fabrications that are too cheap,” complained one. Click to watch the video…


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