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News From The Wealthy Dentist #215 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist

Converting Your Practice into Cash at Retirement
From now through Friday, Jim Du Molin is offering a 50% discount on his training system “How to Structure an Associate/Buy-out.” Now you can get the entire training tutorial system – 2 Associate Strategy Video Tutorials, Associate Profitability & Compensation Software, Legal Agreement Outline, and more — for 50% off the normal price. Click to
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Survey: BPA Worries Lead to Changes in Materials

One dentist in eight has changed materials or products due to concerns about BPA. “As a well-respected lecturer sarcastically says, patients can ‘pick their poison,'” said one dentist. “I wonder if, a few decades from now, we will still see the short longevity composites to be as safe as amalgam is and was for 160 years.” Click to continue to article…

Teeth Whitening for Back to School
A new report indicates that 18% of parents say that they plan to get tooth whitening for their teen as part of going back to school. The survey, by American Express, also apparently found that 9% of parents would be willing to pay for their kids’ tattoos (yes, really!).  Click to
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Survey Video: Dentist Argue Over Amalgam
It’s not exactly breaking news, but it turns out dentists are deeply divided over the issue of mercury in amalgam fillings. In this survey, 52% of dentists reported they are no longer using amalgam. Some dentists criticized amalgam for its possible toxicity and tendency to fracture; other dentists defended its long history. Click to watch the video…


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