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News from The Wealthy Dentist
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Orthodontic Braces: Taxpayers Spent $424 Million for Children in Texas
In Texas, Medicaid pays dentists for orthodontics per procedure, instead of a lump sum for the “finished mouth” of straight teeth. This has made Medicaid orthodontia a lucrative dental business in Texas. Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing: Cosmetic Injectables, A Smart Economic Move for Dentists?
Depending on the dentist surveyed, the use of injectables in the dental office is either not a part of general dentistry, a smart economic move, or something dentists can do very well. Click to continue to article…
Why Dental Marketing Requires Long-term Thinking
Sometimes it’s frustrating to hear that dental marketing results will take time. When dentists spend thousands of dollars on something, it’s only natural to want a return as soon as possible. But marketing is really more of a marathon than a sprint. Click to continue to article…
Dentist Feels the ADA has Become the Enemy of the General Dentist (video)
The American Dental Association is Dentistry’s largest professional organization, but not all dentists feel like the ADA represents their interests. One Missouri dentist declared, “The ADA has actually become the enemy of the general dentist!” Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“In reviewing my production for last year, I determined that my web marketing campaign with IDA brought in 226 referrals! That includes a cosmetic case with a treatment plan for $16,000,” writes Dr. Morgan Scheiber of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Read more marketing stories…
Dentist Video Tutorial: “Increase Your Case Acceptance by 25% (or $125,000)
Improving your case presentation for maximum case acceptance is one of the simplest ways to increase your practice’s profitability. It’s all in your case presentation, the financial options you offer, and how your financial coordinator presents these options to patients. Learn more about “Case Presentation”…


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