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News from The Wealthy Dentist
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Right or Wrong: San Jose California About To Fluoridate Drinking Water
The largest city in U.S. without fluoride, San Jose, is about to add fluoride to their drinking water. The Santa Clara Valley Water District voted on November 15th to support fluoridation to most of the county. Click to continue to article…
Targeted Dental Marketing: Dentists Are Split Over the Value
Selecting a target market for a particular dental treatment rather than attempting to market to all types of dental patients can be a more efficient use of dental marketing dollars. By focusing dental marketing resources on a specific patient base, dentists can carve out a market niche over their competition. Click to continue to article…
How to Become Recognized as THE Cosmetic Dentist in Your Community Part 5
You’ve likely heard the expression, “Image is everything.” Well, this is especially true in a cosmetic-focused dental practice. What your office looks like sends a message to your patients about the type of cosmetic dentist you are. Click to continue to article…
Dental Care: The Truth About Who is Placing Dental Implants (video)
Prosthodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons love dental implants, and so do general dentists. Specialists claim they are more qualified to place dental implants, but a lot of general dentists place dental implants. Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“Thanks to IDA, I’ve gotten thirty new patients over six months. The average value of these new patients from my dentist website is $6,500 each,” writes Dr. Janice Ormsby of Ithaca, New York. Read more marketing stories…
Your Gift… The New Patient Marketing Machine™
Jim Du Molin calls it the “New Patient Marketing Machine™”… and it’s his gift to you. “I”d like to give something back to all the dentists who have helped make my life so great,” says Jim. “So I’m going to something I’ve never done before.” Click to continue to article…


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