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News From The Wealthy Dentist #269 Dental Marketing Newsletter

News from The Wealthy Dentist
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Dental Marketing Gone Bad: Dentist Threatens Lawsuit for Negative Review
The most costly dental marketing mistake could be threatening to sue your dental patients. And once again, a dentist is making front-page news with her challenge against a negative dental review on Yelp. Click to continue to article…
Dentists State Powerful Reasons for Supporting Fluoride in Water
Some dentists think that the water fluoridation debate is a non-issue. “With over 65 years of research and practical experience of this proven safe and effective public health measure, it amazes me that this is still an issue,” complained one dental professional. Click to continue to article…
How To Become Recognized as THE Cosmetic Dentist: Part 6
In the past several weeks, I have had the opportunity to share with you the dental marketing steps to help you achieve the goal of becoming recognized as THE cosmetic dentist in your community. By now you understand one of the essential components. Click to continue to article…
1 in 4 General Dentists Remove Wisdom Teeth (video)
General dentists can do wisdom teeth extractions, except when they can’t and need to refer the patient to an oral surgeon. Some dentists prefer to do these procedures themselves, whereas others still refer the patient out whenever possible. Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“In reviewing my production for last year, I determined that my web marketing campaign with IDA brought in 226 referrals! That includes a cosmetic case with a treatment plan for $16,000,” writes Dr. Morgan Scheiber of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Read more marketing stories…
Your Gift… The New Patient Marketing Machine™
Jim Du Molin calls it the “New Patient Marketing Machine™”… and it’s his gift to you. “I’d like to give something back to all the dentists who have helped make my life so great,” says Jim. “So I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.” Click to continue to article…


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